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Can I Negotiate My Job Offer After Accepting It?

Dear Liz,

I just finished a whirlwind interview process that took three weeks. Things moved very fast because they need someone (me) right away to jump into a project.

I like the opportunity and I’m very glad they want to hire me, but I moved too fast when I accepted the job offer.

The hiring manager “Gail” called me with the offer details and I had the presence of mind to tell her “It sounds good and I’m excited to join your team. If you can please send me the written offer letter, I can review it in more depth tonight.”

She sent the offer letter to me and I read it. It looked pretty good. I signed it electronically and sent it back the next morning. However as I’ve thought about it in the three days since then, it’s not really a good offer.

My base salary is okay but the bonus plan is really weak. There may be a multiplier that would beef up my quarterly bonus payment but it’s out of my control and that doesn’t feel right.

How can I say “I need to revisit the job offer” now that I’ve signed and returned it?

Thanks Liz!



Dear Mitchell,

If you don’t want the job at the terms you accepted, you have to back out.

You can’t tell them “I know I signed the offer, but I changed my mind and I want to renegotiate.”

If you do that, they will think you’re a flake or someone who makes agreements and then breaks them.

You are neither of those things, and that’s why you must either take the job as it was offered to you or walk away.


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